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Fragrance for all senses

Introducing Umema

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Perfumery rooted in synesthetic language

We are all anosmic in the cyberspace

A fully cross-sensory creation, Umema was born from Ugo Charron's collaboration with Emmanuelle Dancourt, a perfect anosmic with zero sense of smell.

Together, they explored creating perfumery through other senses, using the synesthetic language of touch, taste, sound and vision to replace the intimate experience of smells.

In our digital world, we are all anosmics. We had the crazy idea to create a perfume using Emma’s sensory perception of the world, and to bridge the gap between our two worlds.

If Umema were...

A taste, it would be umami

A texture, it would be round and rough
A color, it would shift between ochre and crimson
A sound, it would be echoing

A smell, it would be... best experienced by you

DSC00632 (1)_edited.jpg

Presented by Ugo Charron,
nnovative perfumer based in Brooklyn.

Ugo Charron approaches perfumery intuitively as a synesthetic process. Expressive, empathic and inclusive, Ugo’s cross-modal creativity channels his boundless optimism and vigor.


Originally from Sancerre wine country, where the hills are redolent with the grapefruit and boxtree aromas of Sauvignon blanc, Ugo traveled the world. Trained in Grasse, Berlin, and New York City, he now calls Brooklyn home and works at MANE as a Junior Perfumer.

The primary colors and fearless gestures of his paintings and indietronica music can be sensed in his fragrance creations, where vibrant and luminous ideas spring from his unfettered imagination.

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With Emmanuelle Dancourt,

perfect anosmic - born without smell.

Emmanuelle Dancourt is a French TV journalist born without smell. In 2020, she became ambassador of the French association and created an anosmic podcast where she interviewed perfumers, olfaction specialists and artists. Dancourt is writing a book about her experience as a perfect anosmic.

Emmanuelle is shooting an international documentary series as an anosmic journalist exploring the olfactory world. She meets chefs, scientists, artists, philosophers, writers, engineers, in order to grasp an idea of a smell.


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